Qualification: Our Commitment – Opening Ceremony

(in German language) With over 100,000 employees and a turnover of just under 77 billion Euro (2012), the BMW Group is one of the largest car manufacturers worldwide and one of the strongest commercial enterprises in Germany – a brand that stands for two things in particular: quality and qualification. In his position as head of the BMW Training Academy, Jens Gerhardt holds the reins for training and further education in the company. In his speech, Jens Gerhardt will show, using the qualification requirements at BMW as an example, with what strategy and approach the global leader in premium car production ensures that quality and competitive advantage are maintained as well as further sharpened by the continual development of knowledge. Topics relevant to the company will be addressed, such as cooperation with research institutes, strategic partnerships, lifelong learning, motivation of employees, the necessity of a continual learning process, and knowledge management in the company. The fact that in the meantime ophthalmology plays an important role in the industry can be seen in a project based in the paint shop of the Leipzig BMW plant and managed by Mr. Gerhardt, which has bridged the field of ophthalmology and the automobile industry.