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Saal 2 16:15 - 17:45 25.09.2014
Symposium Do21
German/Spanish Meeting of the Young Investigators Network: Inflammatory diseases of the ocular surface
Vorsitzende/r: Philipp Steven (Köln), Johannes Schwartzkopff (Lörrach), Margarita Calonge (Valladolid)

Inflammatory diseases of the ocular surface such as ocular allergy, dry-eye and infectious or non-infectious keratoconjunctivitis belong to the most common entities in ophthalmology. After successfully launching this Young Investigator Network in 2012 and currently holding 25 members in Germany and Italy, this symposium now brings together German and Spanish young scientists who focus on new strategies regarding mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface inflammation. Supported by internationally renowned mentors, the network is further expanding across inner European boarders to serve as a platform for new ideas, projects and collaborative science.
Margarita Calonge (Valladolid)
Felix Bock (Köln)
Ulrike Hampel (Erlangen)
Andrey Zhivov (Rostock)
Laura Garcia-Posadas (Valladolid)
Marta Vicario-de-la-Torre (Madrid)