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Raum 11 14:30 - 16:00 27.09.2014
Symposium Sa23
Progress in North/South dialogue - Cataract surgery is improving. What comes next? - Symposium der Sektion DOG-Internationale Ophthalmologie
Vorsitzende/r: Rudolf Guthoff (Rostock), Volker Klauß (München), Adrian Hopkins (Decatur)

The global number of cataract surgeries is luckily increasing also in places with underdeveloped health care systems. Challenges in other important blinding diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes are poorly addressed in most of the countries with a gross national product. Some insights of local solutions are presented.
Irmela Erdmann (Lomé)
Marie-Therese Ngoyi Bambi (Kinshasa)
Tiliksew T. Tessema (Addis Abeba)
Dunera Ilako (Nairobi)
Paul-Rolf Preussner (Mainz)
Tam Mai (Ho Chi Minh)
Faustin Ngounou (Bafoussam)