Saturday, 27.9.

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Saal 3 16:15 - 17:45 27.09.2014
Symposium Sa28
Imaging Glaucoma - FEOph Symposium and Roundtable Discussion
Vorsitzende/r: Anselm Kampik (München), Wagih Aclimandos (London), Chatherine Creuzot-Garcher (Dijon), Pier-Enrico Gallenga (Rom), Salvador García-Delpech (Valencia)

The session, held at each DOG and SFO congress, is subdivided into a symposium and a roundtable discussion. In the FEOph Symposia, 7 junior speakers from five European countries are holding lectures on different topics in ophthalmology. This year's topic is Imaging Glaucoma. In the roundtable discussion five experts from five European countries will discuss the different approaches and strategies in Imaging Glaucoma.
Dan Lindfield (London)
Mario Toro (Catania)
Jean Rémi Fénolland (Paris)
Christian Theinert (Leipzig)
Thomas Wecker (Freiburg)
Brivaël Le Du (Paris)
Angelica de Freytas (Valencia)
Esther M. Hoffmann (Mainz)
Salvador García-Delpech (Valencia)
Avinash Kulkarni (London)
Antonio Longo (Catania)
Franck May (Paris)