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Mehrzweckfläche 3/4 08:00 - 09:30 27.09.2014
Symposium Sa02
Immunity in AMD: how complement immune cells and RPE interact
Vorsitzende/r: Thomas Langmann (Köln), Tim U. Krohne (Bonn)

AMD is a multifactorial disorder with a strong contribution of the innate immune system. This symposium will specifically and uniquely address the connection of complement factors, retinal immune cells and the inflammasome of the pigment epithelium that may form a vicious circle leading to the development of AMD. Basic aspects and potential new targets for immune-based treatment options will be presented.
Florian Sennlaub (Paris)
Harald Neumann (Bonn)
Marcus Karlstetter (Köln)
Tim U. Krohne (Bonn)
Heping Xu (Belfast)
Philipp Herrmann (Bonn)