Poster Sessions

Thursday 25.9.2014
Friday 26.9.2014
Saturday 27.9.2014

The poster sessions will take place from Thursday to Saturday immediately after the lunch break and without competition from other simultaneous events. In order to devote appropriate attention to the posters, all posters will be presented and discussed in small groups, each of which will be facilitated by two moderators. Headsets will be issued. In addition to the poster sessions, the poster authors will be available at their posters from 15:30 to 16:00 for individual questions and discussions.

Informations for Authors

Posters of the Day and DOG Poster Award
After each poster session, the moderators will choose one poster as “Poster of the Day” for each session. All selected posters will be relocated to a dedicated exhibition “Posters of the Day” by the congress staff. Unlike the other posters, all “Posters of the Day” will be presented during the entire congress. Every day a jury will select 3 extraordinary posters from the day’s best posters. The poster authors will be awarded the DOG poster award which is endowed with Euro 300.